Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Really Is Good News

I am entirely too passive.

And this fact might actually hinder our work here.

It might stem from my generally mellow, phlegmatic personality, or perhaps my tendency toward conflict avoidance, but whenever people make excuses not to meet, or say they don’t have time on a particular day, I am not very pushy. I don’t press the issue. I prefer a passive approach.

And because of this, I think we often miss out on opportunities. And we don’t advance as quickly as we might otherwise.

And here’s the thing: being pushy would not necessarily be the correct approach, but it would be a more accurate way to express the URGENCY of the situation.

If I really believe in a literal hell, and I truly believe there is only one way to avoid it, my life should look a bit different.

Look at the life of the apostle Paul. He was always telling anyone and everyone about Jesus, leading them to the foot of the cross, leading them off the wide path to hell.

And in light of eternity, in light of what the Bible says about hell, Paul’s life makes sense.

I get that I am a missionary. Every day my task is to make disciples. It’s what I do. But I don’t share the gospel every single chance I get, on buses, at lunch, in plazas, in the street.

Think about it. People would think I were strange if I turned into one of those street preaches, standing on a box in the middle of the plaza, sharing the gospel, or on a bus, just talking about Jesus with the people around me. That seems strange to us.

But should it?

When we read the actual words of the Bible, “weeping and gnashing of teeth,” “darkness,” “eternal,” “fire,” shouldn’t we want to steer people away from this?

And more than anything, shouldn’t we want to bring them to our Savior?

Seriously, we’ve got the best gift in the world to share. We could do the absolute most compassionate thing in the world, and lead people to the foot of the cross. We have the secret to rich and abundant life. Why wouldn’t we want to share it?

I’ve been thinking about a funny question:

Do I anguish enough?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? In Romans 9:2-3 Paul says, “I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. 3 For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race.


Do I feel literal anguish for the lost, for the people separated from God?

The fact of the matter is, I barely anguish at all, but I should.

God’s heart is broken for the people not living in right relationship with him, and mine should be too.

And that should cause something in my life. I should give me urgency to share his love all the time, everywhere.

And I fall so short.

Lord, help me to anguish. Break my heart for what breaks yours. Help me to feel what you feel, and to love like you love. And fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may share your gospel boldly.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zion and Babylon by Josh Garrels

Oh great mammon of form and function
Careless consumerist consumption
Dangerous dysfunction
Described as expensive taste
I’m a people disgraced
By what I claim I need
And what I want to waste
I take no account for nothing
If it’s not mine
It’s a misappropriation of funds
Protect my ninety percent with my guns
Whose side am I on?
Well who’s winning?
My kingdom’s built with the blood of slaves
Orphans, widows, and homeless graves
I sold their souls just to build my private mansion
Some people say that my time is coming
Kingdom come is the justice running
Down, down, down on me
I’m a poor child, I’m a lost son
I refuse to give my love to anyone,
Fight for the truth,
Or help the weaker ones
Because I love my Babylon
I am a slave, I was never free
I betrayed you for blood money
Oh I bought the world, all is vanity
Oh my Lord I’m your enemy
Come to me, and find your life
Children sing, Zion’s in sight
I said don’t trade your name for a serial number
Priceless lives were born from under graves
Where I found you
Say, my name ain’t yours and yours is not mine
Mine is the Lord, and yours is my child
That’s how it’s always been
Time to make a change
Leave your home
Give to the poor all that you own
Lose your life, so that you could find it
First will be last when the true world comes
Livin’ like a humble fool to overcome
The upside-down wisdom
Of a dying world
Zion’s not built with hands
And in this place God will dwell with man
Sick be healed and cripples stand
Sing Allelu
My kingdom’s built with the blood of my son
Selfless sacrifice for everyone
Faith, hope, love, and harmony
I said let this world know me by your love
By your love
Oh my child, daughters and sons
I made you in love to overcome
Free as a bird, my flowers in the sun
On your way to Mount Zion
All you slaves, be set free
Come on out child and come on home to me
We will dance, we will rejoice
If you can hear me then follow my voice

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