Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Never Know

Hopefully most of you already know this, but I have some new blogs, one for each of the areas where Ester and I are planting churches:
Pisaq (Lamay and Coya)
San Sebastian and Wanchaq
San Jeronimo

Follow these blogs to stay up to date on these areas. Because I'm pretty excited, not just about having new blogs to write  (because I'm pretty much a blogging freak), but also about what God is doing already in these areas, and what he will continue to do.

But here's the thing:

some stories just don't fit into those blogs.

That's why I'll still be keeping up with this one.

Like this story...

Ester and I have been working hard to follow up on contacts that were made during many short-term trips before we got here. There are so many medical campaign forms, and we are working on visiting all of these people, or at least the ones who will let us.

Well we called up a woman who attended a medical campaign at the church several months ago, and made an appointment to visit her. When we confirmed her address, we found out that she actually lives in Huasao, which is a town in the middle of two of Alex and Jorge's church plant sites. So we decided to go with the boys to visit her.

Well, we eventually found the house (most houses here don't have numbers! Very annoying, not to mention difficult!), and she was incredibly sweet. She made us tea, and we chatted with her, and with her father-in-law. He apparently has some nerve damage in his leg, so he can barely walk anymore, and is in a lot of pain. So we shared with them about Jesus' healing of many people, and also prayed for them. Well, they both accepted Christ while we were there, and so we left them with Bibles, and they wanted to start reading right then and there!

Now the interesting thing about visiting people in their homes is that you never know what you are going to find.

Cement building?
Dirt floors?
Rotting food?
Will they offer you tea?
Will their be so many flies that the ground actually looks like it is moving, like at this house?
Will they treat you like the queen?
Will they end up slamming the door in your face?
Will the Holy Spirit put words in your mouth?
Will the presence of God enter the house with you?

You never know, but it sure is amazing to find out.

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