Friday, July 15, 2011

Any Excuse to Party!

Any excuse to party.

Don’t worry blog readers, that is not exactly my life philosophy, as will be well known by those who know me well.

But one could say that it is the philosophy of many in Peru, especially in Cusco.

They just love to party. For any reason.

Mother’s day, for example, was a three-day celebration, complete with fireworks, family gatherings, and plenty of drinking.

Another such example is the Inti Raymi celebration in June. Actually, all of June is a huge party, culminating in the day of Inti Raymi, where literally thousands gather in Saqsaywaman for the sacrifice of what we later found out was a fake alpaca. It’s all for show.

And for another excuse to party.

Peruvians do love to party, but I like to think we Americans can hold our own. At least we try to celebrate when we can, like the 4th of July.

We ate a ton, and shot off fireworks in the backyard. We finished the evening singing the national anthem at the top of our lungs on Tyler and Amy’s third story balcony.

Any excuse to party!

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