Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is a very strange time.

Less than five weeks remain as a 40/40 in Cusco.

And while part of me wants to jump up and down shouting, "WOO HOO" at the reading of that sentence, the rest of me is filled with sadness.

It is very surreal to want to give my absolute best these last few weeks of work, but at the same time need to disconnect from people, and say goodbye.


This past weekend, the Cusco team went to Arequipa for a time of debriefing and saying goodbye. It is slightly different for me, since I am not actually re-entering my home culture, and I am not leaving Peru and will be spending more time in Arequipa.

But I think it was a valuable time for us.

And it was great to see our friends.

So pray for us these last few weeks. Last day in Cusco is April 27th.

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