Monday, May 6, 2013


"Every human being who has ever lived has a conscience and knows two things for sure: there is evil within me, and I am in some kind of trouble with the holy Power out there. When people make up their own religious systems, they always put the pressure on the individual to make amends. There are rules to keep, rituals to observe, propitiations and sacrifices, pilgrimages, and various acts of devotion and obedience. But only Christianity gives forgiveness away. Jesus invites you to ask for it."

I am so thankful that Christianity is different from every other religious system in the world.

Only with Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection are we free to live like we are loved. Loved more extravagantly than we ever dared hope or imagine. Loved first, so that we can love back. Loved, so that we can receive forgiveness. Loved so much that we can't help but live differently. Loved so that we can love our neighbors. Loved so that we can love recklessly, without holding anything back. Loved, and thankful everyday for that love.

Grace is what separates being a follower of Jesus Christ from practicing any other religion. Grace says, "There is nothing you have to do. It's already been done for you. Stop working; rest. Believe that you are loved. The rest will follow."

Friends, just ask for it. Then, live it.

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