Thursday, January 7, 2010

What will God do With 2010

A note from the Extreme Director:

Knowing that economic turmoil that has effected nearly everyone around the globe, we at Extreme give sincere thanks to all those who have supported and continue to support us. Take a minute with me to see how God used you and Extreme in 2009 and what He has in store for 2010.

While we did feel the effect of the ´great recession´ in 2009, we saw God rise above mere financial challenges and move mountains. In 2009, Extreme grew from 11 full time staff in January to 92 in December. We saw our first group of eight 40/40 church planters hit the ground and start 13 churches (even though only 12 were planned). We saw 155 short term volunteers from 44 churches come and serve for two weeks and reep a harvest of over 1,000 Peruvians. We saw our second group of twenty-four 40/40 missionaries start their training in the jungle. We saw our mobilization team grow from 4 in January to 11 in December. We saw our construction team finish our 3,000 sq ft 40/40 training center and our first 40/40 base camp. We saw God touch the hearts of people to collectively contribute over $500,000 to help us plant churches... in no particular order...

If God did all that in 2009, what´s in store for 2010?

We trust that God´s vision for Extreme in 2010 is to press on ahead with even more audacity and intensity than in 2009. Our third group of twenty-four 40/40´s are set to start training in May and our last group of twenty-four 40/40´s are set to start training in August. Our project team will host more than tripple the amount of short term volunteers over last year. Our 40/40´s will start... 108 more churches. Our construction team will build two more base camps, two churches and some housing. Over 10,000 locals will attend our final short term project, Love Extreme and we pray for a harvest of thousands. Our mobilization team will take a short breather after the year and a half long marathon promotion of Extreme Peru... then jump right back in the saddle to start promoting the next Extreme (come to Love Extreme in June 2010 in Arequipa, Peru to find out what the Next Extreme is The projected 140 Extreme staff will come together for our annual Extreme retreat. And that´s all before July...

We can´t wait to get started and invite you to come along with us!

Brian Tibbs
Extreme Director

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