Thursday, May 13, 2010

*Today Is The Day*

Today is the day we:
-move to Zamacola Church of the Nazarene and the 40/40 Training Center
-meet our Peruvian partners!

This is such an exciting day! For me, the Peruvian partners have been such an abstract concept for so long. I have been thinking about who she will be and praying for her for almost a year.And today, I will meet her, and we will add 12 more people into our family.

Pray for us today and into this weekend. This is a huge transition. Some of us are worried about our Spanish, now that we have to use it all the time. Some of us are worried if we will get along with our partners. Some of us are just worried about the living situation--16 girls in one room! Needless to say, it is a transition. And this is going to be a busy weekend with orientation, team-building, and classes starting on Monday. So please, keep us in your prayers!

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