Thursday, May 31, 2012

I like this...

Christians have been imitating the spiritual drive behind bands like U2 and Sigur Rós in worship settings for years now. Whether it’s Phil Wickham's "Cielo" or Fee’s “All Because of Jesus”, it should be obvious enough that there is something that speaks to the deepest part of our souls about the music itself‚ not just the “Christianese” we choose to throw on top of it. Because like all of creation, music is earthy and fleshy. It's pure physicality: sound waves moving from hollowed chunks of carved wood, vocal chords tightening and loosening. It's all just notes on a page. We know how it works. We have theory for this kind of stuff. Even still, when taking a moment to bask in an album like Valtari, it's hard not to view music—and even life itself—as a deep spiritual experience as well.

(From a Review of Sig Ros's new album on

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