Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review: Love Does by Bob Goff

Bob Goff sharing his cell phone number at the end of his book, Love Does, was genius.

Because during the course of the book, you begin to feel like Bob might be your coolest friend. At least you want him to be your friend, and you feel like he might actually want to be your friend, too.

Bob Goff is the guy who got into law school by sitting on a bench outside the dean's office for a week. He's the guy who thought it was a prank when he was asked to be Honorary Consul for Uganda. Bob Goff is the guy who never let's his phone go to voicemail. 

Goff’s book is in no way a self-help book, like some may expect, although he begins each chapter with a belief about life that he previously held, and what he believes now. He illustrates these statements with a story in the chapter, a story that makes you believe that it is possible to live a “secretly incredible life in an ordinary world.”

Each chapter reads like a stand-alone essay, but weaves a beautiful picture of a life where love is not stationary; love does.

Love Does is phenomenal, not just because of the vocabulary or the writing style; Bob Goff speaks of God’s love that compels all the rest…a faith that does

This is the heart of that love:

Love doesn't just think about it.
Love doesn't just plan it.
Love does it.

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