Saturday, March 16, 2013

Zero Degrees Latitude

It is a rare Saturday night where I find myself at home, and while overall it has been a relaxed (dare-I-say-lazy?) day, I find myself thinking about all the things left to accomplish in less than two months in Ecuador.

I have many pictures to share about what I've been up to here as I have travelled all over Ecuador in search of 40/40 candidates, but I am still looking to the future, thinking about how we still need eleven more 40/40s from Ecuador, and we don't have much time. With that said, we are definitely relying on God, knowing that he has given us the candidates we already have, and will provide who we still need!

I have had two big moments recently that I wanted to share about:

The first was my three-year-anniversary in South America. That's right, I've been a missionary for three years, living in Peru for the majority of that time, but also in Ecuador. I want to thank YOU for the prayers and financial support that have made that happen.

The second was a couple of weeks ago, where I walked into church, and realized that it was the first time during the new year that I could go to church and just BE. I could sit anywhere, and just listen, because I didn't have to get up and promote the 40/40 program and Extreme Nazarene.

It has been a busy time for the mobilization team, bussing all over the place to cast the Extreme South America vision. Last month, though, when we had some special visitors, we got to be tourists for a bit and explore Quito, visiting some of the major sites to be found in the city. We went on a bus tour of Quito and also visited the Middle of the world, more commonly known as the Equator. Being able to stand in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere at the same time was on my bucket list, so I got that checked off!

God has been so good to me! I sometimes want to get stressed out about all the work we still have to do, and meeting my goals, but when I just rely on Him, he gives me so much peace, and he ultimately takes care of everything.

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