Monday, December 12, 2011

Love of the Liberating King

I recently read this in 2 Corinthians:

"You see, the controlling force in our lives is the love of the Liberating King."

When I begin to forget that, that's when I start to have issues."

Of course, now that I've been a volunteer missionary in Peru for not-quite two years, "issues" has taken on a whole new meaning. (Think bathroom.) But I don't mean those issues.

I mean, getting down, becoming discouraged, questioning everything. Those kinds of issues.

When I can remember that jesus Christ is all that matters, that he is the one who satisfies, that he sustains me and the work he has called me to do, things go just fine.


So, here is just a quick update on things in Cusco:

With church services in two of our places, plus youth services in two of our places, plus all the discipleship classes we do, Kathy and I stay pretty busy. We have seen people become really firm in Coya. I have learned that it is not about quantity, but quality of our contacts, and I believe in the ones in Coya. Lamay has struggled a bit, but I believe we are seeing it bounce back. Santiago is going well, but we still don't have a site to hold weekly church services, which can be somewhat limiting.



And since I am not posting very much, here are some pictures to tide you over!

 We went to Machu Picchu in October
 My 22nd Birthday
 Membership Conference

 Amy and I decorated our house for Christmas
This GIGANTIC spider was in the locale where we sleep on weekends

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  1. Very true! The Love of the Liberating King- also the Liberating Love of Our King! Thank you for the note of encouragement!
    Also, that is one huge spider!