Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year In Review

So... I guess the world is going to end this year.

You know, I'm not really all that worried.

I am excited about the year twenty-twelve. The possibilities are endless. Too cliche? Well, that is alright. Right now, I don't want to talk about the new year. I want to talk about the year that just ended. Good ol' 2011.

The year contained some really high highs, and some pretty low lows. But it is over. And I learned. And I grew. And things changed. And we can never go back. Only forward. "Making the most of every opportunity."

I rang in the new year last year in Lima, Peru. It was loud. Because there were a ton of fireworks. Here are other highlights of the year:

January: I returned from Lima and began to work without my partner Ester. We were down to only four 40/40s on our team (Cailyn, Alex, Emily, and Kathy). I ate pig skin for the first time. And shared Christ with people. Life became routine.

February: We completed a full year in Peru. I was left in charge of church in San Jeronimo, preaching and leading the services while our pastor was away. I found out that my partner was not coming back to work with me. Alex got a new partner. God opened doors for us to begin working in a battered women's shelter.  

March: Carnavales.  I fell down a mountain. And became famous. We did the Daniel Fast as a team.  We visited Puno, too.  We did a movie in San Sebastian, and I preached afterward. 

April: We started church services in Coya at a contact's house. We celebrated Easter, and I preached at the mother church on Easter Sunday. We continued to work at the battered women's shelter.   

May: Church services in Coya. Battered women's shelter. Discipleship. Routine. Eating guinea pig. You know how it is.

June: I went HOME for vacation!! Yay! Then came back and kept working with my NEW PARTNER, Kathy.

July: We did Jesus Film showings (in Quechua) and prepared and served hot chocolate. We felt like we made a lot of progress. 

**Okay, here's the thing: the next several months, I became a little busy, or maybe a little lazy, and stopped blogging. So I am not even sure what happened each month. Lo siento...**

August through November (?): I worked. Kathy and I worked together. We made new contacts. We did discipleship lessons. We started and stopped church services. We started renting locales in Lamay and Coya. We spent more time than I can count on public transportation.

December: The busiest month of the year. Hot Chocolate nights. Advent. Christmas church services. Open-air preaching. Discipleship and evangelism. A visit from a few members of the Paraguay team. Christmas in the Queep (Arequipa).

And, to wrap up, just like last year, here is my "Best Of" list, my favorite blogs of 2011.

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God bless you all during 2012!

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