Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love Tuesdays

If you haven't heard, Tuesday is a special day in the Extreme family. Every Tuesday at 7:00 am, those of us in Arequipa meet together at the office, and pray together from 7-8. We also fast during the morning and break the fast together at lunch. Meanwhile, in the other cities in Peru and across the US, people are joining with us in prayer and fasting on Tuesday mornings. Yesterday, my roommate and I added another level to this, and fasted from our computers. We have (selfishly) lamented having such easy access to the internet here, because we end up spending way to much time on our laptops. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to easily communicate with my family and friends on skype, being able to update my blog whenever, and adding pictures and such to facebook, but I feel like I fill most of my time with my computer instead of with Jesus, my Peruvian family, or fellowshipping with friends here.

But yesterday was a great day! Our alarm actually went off, which is almost a miracle in itself, and we got up and made it to the office with a few minutes to spare. We sang a few worship songs, (Spanish and English songs) and joined together praying for various members of the Extreme staff. It was beautiful.

Then as we part, some going to work in the office and others of us heading to school, we try to remain in a prayerful spirit until we meet together again to break the fast. After lunch though--it was so funny--all of the 40/40s stuck around for like, an hour just hanging out and laughing. We have such a great family!

But Brandi and I got back home, and usually we would get on our computers and do various things during the afternoon and evening. Not yesterday! We both spent beautiful time in worship and devotion, and we are also reading a book together called Redeeming Love (the story of Hosea in novel form). We got through several chapters of this book, and it is just giving me a much deeper realization of how deep God's love is for me, even in my unfaithfulness.

Last night, I also listened to an amazing worship song. It is called "Here in Your Presence," and was one of the things God used to call me to Peru. You see, as God was calling me to leave school and go to Peru, my main hesitation was fear of letting other people down. I just felt like there were so many expectations of what I should be and do and all the things I should accomplish. But the lyrics of the song say:

All of my gains now fade away
Every crown no longer on display, here in Your presence.
Heaven in trembling in awe of Your wonders.
The kings and their kingdom are standing amazed.

Here in Your presence, I am undone...

The words struck me so hard. I had to realize how big God truly is. He is God! He is holy, and perfect, and todopoderoso, and is full of might and power! He is the star-breather! The maker of 31 billion galaxies! Who do I think I am to come into His presence in the first place? Much less to come in with all of my crowns and awards and accomplishments? No! When I see the beauty of God, and His might and holiness, I have to fall down at his feet and throw down my crowns! My cords from graduation, my awards, my honors degree, my local ministers license, I just want to drop them down at His feet, because they just don't matter in his presence! This amazing God that we serve has galaxies praising him, and kings stand amazed in His presence! Honestly, who do I think I am? 

Those are my thoughts tonight. I want to be completely undone as I enter into the presence of God Almighty. I want to ask God, as Moses did, "Show me your glory," and to hide my unholiness in the wounds of Christ the same way Moses  hid in the cleft of the rock as the glory of the Lord passed by. I want to be brought to my knees thinking about who He is and how much He chooses to love me. Oh Lord God, let it bring me to my knees!

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