Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alpaca World--Happy Birthday Brandi!

We have had SUCH a great weekend in Peru. I wish that I could tell you that it was because we are having great conversations in Spanish, and are converting people left and right, but the real reason it has been an exceptional weekend in Arequipa is because we hung out with alpacas.
Friday, February 19 was my roommate Brandi's birthday. So we celebrated Friday by going to the Plaza de Armas after class for some coffee, and then going over to the Tibbs' house for a fiesta! There was chocolate cake with chocolate/peanut butter icing. (By the way, people don't eat peanut butter here. A few stores carry it, but it is super expensive, and not very common). We also had pineapple, other fruit, popcorn, and basically all of Brandi's favorite things. It was a great night...

But I do believe that Saturday got even better. We went to El Mundo Alpaca--Alpaca world! Let me just tell you, Alpaca World is amazing-- it is free, and includes a museum of the old machinery used to make alpaca clothing, a cafe, people demonstrating the looming process, art galleries, and oh yeah, you get to feed alpacas!

We all had a pretty fantastic time, I'd say one of the highlights of our Arequipa experience so far!

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  1. Such a beautiful creature. Thank you much for sharing with us.