Monday, April 12, 2010

Faith Gets Tested

So nearly 2 years ago, I had a regular check-up with the eye doctor, but after my eyes were dilated, he ended up looking into my left one for 40 minutes, and getting a second opinion before referring me to a specialist where they again looked at my eye for an hour.  

What was the fuss about? 

A possible hole in my retina. 

But they decided that at the time there was no hole or tear, but I needed to get it checked every 6 months and watch out for the symptoms. In December when I saw my regular eye doctor, she told me that there still was no hole, but I was set up to have a retinal detachment. So I needed to watch out for the symptoms. 

On Saturday, I had a symptom. I saw flashing lights on two different occasions.  

I called the Cincinnati Eye Institute where I had seen the specialist once before on Saturday night. The answering service person told me that I couldn't talk to the on-call doctor unless I gave him the name of the doctor I saw before. So we hung up, and Brandi and I got on their website to see if I could remember who my doctor was almost two years ago. I couldn't even tell her whether it was a man or a woman. So I picked a random doctor--Dr. Miller.  

We called back, and I told him I remembered that i had seen Dr. Miller. He put me on the phone with the on-call doctor, and I then explained what had happened. He asked me, "do you remember another guy coming in to look at your eye before Dr. Miller saw you?" I did remember that, even though I had randomly picked Miller's name. He told me that he remembered looking at my eye! He said I am set up to have a retinal detachment, but given my age, it's still unlikely. But he told me I needed to get it checked out soon.  

So I hadn't had any more symptoms, and I asked a lot of people to pray for my eye. I went today to the clinic, and the doctor did multiple tests of my vision, dilated my eyes, and looked at my retinas with two different machines. He didn't see anything! He told me that he had diagnosed a detached retina before, and my eye looked fine. He also asked me what made my other doctors think I would have a detached retina?  

So, we can either choose to believe that Peruvian doctors stink, and he missed something...  

Or we can choose to believe that God heard all of your prayers, and I'm all better!

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