Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amor Extremo Mega-Event

The morning of Love Extreme we had to get up early and arrive at the fairgrounds in Arequipa by 7:00am for prayer. 

We then had a meeting to figure out assignments, and a few of us were sent to help take tickets. Hundreds of people were already lined up!

At the beginning of the day there was a kids festival, a women’s conference, and a men’s conference. There were also medical clinics going on. 

My job throughout the day was “consolidation,” meaning that I was one of the people praying with, talking with, and taking information of new converts. After the women’s conference, I was swamped with people, and my info cards were gone immediately! More than a hundred women accepted Christ that morning! (Meanwhile, 150 men accepted Christ during the men’s conference!)

God was moving, that was certain. And we were all excited for the “main event”—Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms and legs, was there to share the gospel. Everyone in Arequipa had heard about him, and wanted to hear him speak.

Nick shared his testimony, and invited the crowd of nearly 10,000 to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. About 6,000 people raised their hands to make this decision. He asked them again, “Do you realize this is a commitment you arte making?” Still, they raised their hands. He asked three times, but they didn’t back down. So he invited them to pray.
We had been praying for a harvest, but this was beyond our wildest expectations! Nick told Brian (Extreme’s director) on his way to the airport that it was obvious this event had been covered in prayer.
When I think about it, I still get excited about the gigantic crowd of people who accepted Christ that day. And ever since then, our job has been to follow up with them to make disciples, not just converts.

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