Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a Movement!

So, remember when I wrote about Sonia, a new believer from Love Extreme?

Well, she sells us fruit. So our cook, Victor, talks to her twice a week when they go to the market. And she has told him that she really wants to have a cell group in her house, and she really wants her family to become Christians.

So she asked Victor to come talk to her mom about Jesus. And Victor asked Ester and I to come with him.

So Thursday was our visit, at the market, and it turned out that only Ester and I could go.

So we get to the market and Sonia immediately gave us a mandarin orange to eat. She is super sweet!

And we started talking to her mom, Viviana. She told us about how she is really down because a friend of hers was recently murdered by her husband. They had two kids. And Ester began to tell her about the assurance we can have of seeing our family and friends again after they die if we know Jesus Christ.

Then Ester whispered to me, asking me if I wanted to say something. I told her I was waiting for the right moment. Ester continued sharing about Jesus.

A little while later, I jumped in and asked Viviana if she knew the story of the prodigal son. She said no, so I told her the story about two sons, one who asked for his inheritance, then went and spent it all. I told her that he wanted to come back, but only expected to be made a worker in his father's house. And I described how the father ran to him, and through him a party, and that this is how God is with us.

And Ester told her about how we all have gone away from God, but that he wants us to come back to him. She told her that as I was talking she was thinking about the mandarin orange, and how we can't eat the skin, so we peel it off. She said that is what Jesus does with our lives; he takes off all the dirtiness and sin in our lives. (I was super excited at this point. This is a metaphor she can understand, because she sells fruit all day!) She asked if Viviana wanted to accept Jesus Christ into her heart. But she said no, not here, she couldn't do it in the market.

So I told her to pretend that we were astronauts. We were going into space, and decided to go to the moon. But we can't go to the moon, because we would burn up. And that's what is like with God. He is so holy, that we can't enter into his presence as sinners. So we need some time of protection. And Jesus came as our protection, with his blood to cover our sins. And we can accept him and come to God.

We tried to explain to her that we didn't have to be in a church to talk to God, that he was listening to us now. We talked to her, and Ester prayed with her, and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior!

We made a date to pick her up for church, and she came with two of her grandkids!

She is so hungry to learn about Jesus, so we are going to start a discipleship group in the market on Thursday afternoons!

I called this post "It's a Movement;" I've said it before, that what God has started here is a movement. It is not going to stop! Family members are coming to the foot of the cross. The people in the market listened to Ester and I share the gospel, and we will have the opportunity to disciple them! It is not going to stop until this country knows the name of Jesus Christ, and his amazing grace!!

"Shout it from the rooftops. Let the trumpets ring. Sing your freakin' lungs out! TELL THEM JESUS CHRIST IS KING!"

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