Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesus and Fruit

So the last thing I posted was about Sonia's mom accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Well, there's more to the story!

On Sunday, we went to the market to pick Viviana up for church. She went with us, and brought two of her grandkids, one of whom I met the night of Love Extreme. She was really into learning and studying the Bible and listening during the service. It was really awesome to see!

And so we went back to the market on Thursday, with the intention of starting the discipleship lessons with Sonia and Viviana, and whoever else was around who wanted to hear about Jesus! But Viviana wasn't there. Instead, Sonia told us that she wanted us to talk to her sister, Mirian.

And she told me and Ester, right before introducing us to her sister, "If you can get through to her, you can get through to anyone in the world."

Once we found out that Viviana wasn't there, Ester and I whispered to each other to figure out a plan, since we had a lesson prepared for Viviana. We could give that lesson, or we could talk about the Prodigal Son, or we could use the metaphor of marriage in the Bible, which we had used in class the day or so before. We decided to go with that one.

So we met Mirian, and started talking to her. She is 20 years old, doesn't like working at the market selling fruit with her family, and so she doesn't do it much. She is studying English and wants to live in the US someday.

And then we started sharing with her about Jewish marriage customs, and how Jesus did these things to show us that he wants to have a great romance with us. We shared just how MUCH God loves us.

And once again, right there by the fruit, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior, and her Lover!

So tomorrow morning we are going to visit her at her house! And we are going back to the market on Sunday to take Viviana to church again. And next Sunday, we are planning to start a cell group at Sonia's house, when all of the family is there to hear the gospel.

The movement is still going!!

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