Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank God for Rest

More and more each day, I realize that missions is not just a job, it is a life. And in this life that I love and wouldn't trade for anything, I have to fight for rest.

But after Love Extreme and some crazy time of consolidation, we got to take a retreat as the entire staff, and just rest.

The weekend of our US Independence Day, we went to the beach a couple hours from Arequipa.

Now keep in mind, it is winter in Peru. (I know, I know. Seventy degrees during the day is not winter. But it really gets cold! Or I'm just super-Peruvian now.)

So the beach was pretty much empty, accept for the 150ish Extremies. It was awesome.

Thank God for His rest. He is the One who renews us. He is the One who strengthens us. And He is so faithful. He has given me a supernatural joy. And I am so thankful.

I am also so thankful for my family here. They make everyday great. But if you could, say a prayer for this family of mine. For health, assurance of call, and unity.

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