Monday, August 30, 2010

You Will Explode

Just wanted to share a story from The Journey...

"Mommy, if Jesus comes to live inside my heart, will I explode?"

"NO!" I proclaimed as my ten children and I headed to the Nile River to be baptized yesterday.
And then I thought about it.

If Jesus comes to live inside your heart you will EXPLODE.

With love. With compassion. With hurt for those who are hurting and joy for those who rejoice. You will explode with a desire to be more. To be better. To be close to the one who made you.
Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. And usually I can't tell you why, other than to tell you that the grace and goodness of our God is so BIG that I can't contain it and it literally EXPLODES out of me.

Yes, my little daughters. Jesus is coming to live inside your heart. Get ready to explode.


  1. Dang girl get it done!!! Thats some good words right there. I totaly agree and we need to to fear about letting it explode out of use. But WOO! Man I love your blogs

  2. I love the title of this.. it drew me in... and I like what you said... :) very good. thanks for sharing!