Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love For the Fatherless

I have really gotten into reading the archives from The Journey...

God has put in my heart a passion for the parentless. So I agree whole-heartedly with Katie:

I begin to think of the children who do not have a mother or a father. Where will they learn love? Who will tell them bed time stories and dance them around the living room? Who will teach them that they are loved and valued and cherished?

Oh, yea. The body of Christ. Each person who calls themself a follower of Christ takes up the reponsibility to love and care for the fatherless. It is not some special, specific calling. It is the duty of all who call themselves Christians. There are ONE HUNDRED FOURTY SOMETHING MILLION fatherless, motherless, parentless children who are not shown unconditional love by another human being on a daily basis. How will we then tell them that Jesus loves them? I am certain that God did not mess up and create too many children and not enough people to love them. The body of Christ is responsible for sharing His love with the people that we are also responsible for making destitute.

Please join my broken heart in praying for the fatherless, but more than that please pray about how YOU can be instrumentall in loving the fatherless. They are not just in Africa, they are right in your own community.

We visited an "orphanage" in Cusco where 40+ children have been taken in to a family. Many of us in my group were greatly inspired by this, and want to go back there. Some of us want to make that our life in the future.

And the truth is, this is the call of God:

to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Like Katie said, we can ALL be instrumental in loving the fatherless in our very own communities.

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