Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twenty-First Birthday in Peru

Let me just start by saying, I love birthdays. Seriously, favorite holiday. Generally speaking, I like them more than Christmas. To most, this sounds strange, but it is true.

I love birthdays.

And my 21st birthday came around during our ninth month in Peru.

And it stated with a midnight serenade of "Happy Birthday" from the other girls on the team. They woke me up, sang, I blew out candles on little mini strawberry pies, which I ate for breakfast! I didn't exactly wake up gracefully, and fell asleep shortly after, but it was awesome!

Then at the start of class, Alex and Gary broke out their guitars to sing me a birthday song that they wrote! Here's the video, and the lyrics follow:

Cailyn you always break your drawer
And it crashes to the floor
Then you say, "Daniel, ayudame por favor."

Lord I pray that Mike D likes awkward laughs
or girls that only take two baths...a week

Happy Birthday, we sing to you
Oh man, we do
Happy Birthday, from me to you
That's from me to you

Cailyn I'll miss you
I wish that you wouldn't go to Cusco
I'll miss our theological discussions
And your blogging too
Those times we boxed
You almost punched me in the eye
Hope you can defend yourself against
that scary guy
I'm scared for him, but not for you
You better get him good

That's why we sing to you...

Happy Birthday, we sing to you
Oh man, we do
Happy Birthday, from me to you
That's from me to you

A group of us also went out to dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant in the center of town. To finish the day, we used a projector, watched Evan Almighty, and ate a bunch of popcorn! It was fantastic!

But actually my birthday started over the weekend with Ester's family. They made me a pie, sang to me, and I even blew out candles! Her parents and sisters even bought me a couple presents. They are now my family too, and they are amazing.

At the youth camp, they also all sang to me. And we are having more festivities with my Cusco family later this week!

So thanks to everyone who helped make my twenty-first special!


  1. What an awesome way to spend your 21 b-day!
    I love the song sooooo much although I probably would have been crying if someone sang a song like that to me lol.

  2. Love you! Glad you had a great time! And I hope that this year is extra special in your life.