Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I haven’t mentioned it on here yet, but I recently celebrated my one year anniversary in Peru.

January 31, 2010, I left my home.
February 5, 2010, I arrived in Peru.

Over a year ago now!

And a lot has changed in the past year.

At home, friends have graduated, friends have gotten married, family has changed, my church has changed.

Here in Peru, we have seen victories, we have experienced troubles, people have left, etc.

And today, we welcomed a new member of the group. His name is Eli, and he has come to be Alex’s partner for the next fifteen months. We worked with him briefly in Arequipa, and now he will be part of the family.

I actually heard a cool story about Eli this morning. When he arrived in Arequipa to be a 40/40 missionary in May, he actually asked the co-director, Pastor Solano, if he could go to Cusco. But he was assigned to Arequipa, and got very comfortable there, and didn’t want to leave. But he started hearing God speaking to him about going somewhere else. And God told him that place was Cusco. And now he is here to be Alex’s partner.

So God really does have a plan. Sometimes, in the face of obstacles, it is hard to believe that. It is hard not to question that. But he has a plan.

And even without my original partner, I know God still has a plan for me and my ministry here. Keep praying for me and this ministry. We are still waiting to hear if I will get a new Peruvian partner. If not, Kathy and Emily are great, and we are currently doing ministry together, and would continue doing ministry together. If so, that is great too. God has the plan, and we will keep going forward.

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