Monday, February 14, 2011

God Opens Doors

God opens doors.

And that was my prayer last week as my two partners and I started our work in San Sebastian.

We went to the municipality of the district of San Sebastian to get some basic info about the district, and also to leave a letter of permission with them to see if we can have an event in the plaza next month.

And while we were there, asking about social problems in the district, we met a young woman who is an intern at a place called Casa Acogida. It is a home/refuge for women coming from abused situations. Many of them have husbands who beat them. Some of them have been raped. All of them have received some form of abuse. And we were invited to share the word of God in this place. So on Wednesday, we get to visit and share with the women and the children.

My partner Kathy, has a true gift for working with kids. During the pastor's family's vacation, she has been in charge of working with kids, and she has done an amazing job. So she will be preparing something for the kids while Emily and I spend time with their moms. 

Pray for this amazing ministry opportunity! This is the beginning of our church in San Sebastian.

And the amazing thing is, for months, I had no idea where to start in San Sebastian. And last Wednesday morning on the way to the municipality, I prayed that God would give us an open door.

And he did.

Also pray for our event in San Sebastian. We were told that they usually don't give permission for the use of the plaza, so pray for that to come through, or another place to present itself. 

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