Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking Through Open Doors

I shared last week about a cool opportunity that we had to go to a home for abused women and minister to them. Last Wednesday, Kathy, Emily and I went to Casa de Acogida (house of refuge), where we met with six people and five kids. I stayed with the adults, and Emily and Kathy worked with the kids.

With the women, I shared about a love story. It may have sounded like any love story, but it reality, it was a divine love story.

And these women have known very few good men in their lives. Some were more than likely abused by their fathers. Many have been abused by their husbands. One teenager who lives there was abused by her cousin from the time she was six years old.

So when we talk about a Heavenly Father, or a Holy Husband, these are concepts which are not easily-understandable for the majority of them. Fathers may not be providers. They may not protect. Husbands might not love. They might not care for them.

I think the only way we can eventually show them a Loving Father and a Caring Husband is to show them the love of the Father week after week.

Fortunately, after they all accepted Christ this past week, they are allowing us to return and do discipleship classes with them.

So I pray that in everything I say and do, I show Christ's love and grace.

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