Sunday, March 27, 2011

It Happens Sometimes

Yeah, so remember how I was talking about coming together as a team through the Daniel Fast?

Well, we also took a trip to do a little team-bonding.

Sounds cheesy, I know. But we did get a trip to Puno out of it.

Now if you remember way back, I was originally supposed to be a 40/40 in Puno. God and Extreme changed those plans, but I still have wanted to visit. So we headed on a six hour bus trip to take a tour of Lake Titicaca, and at the end, we got to visit our friends in Puno.

Yep, as rare as it is, we got to act like tourists for a couple days.

We started out getting on a boat to head to the islands of the Uros. They literally have these floating islands built from reeds. It’s pretty cool, but VERY touristy.

We then went to another island, (like a real one, not a man-made one) where we ate, hiked, went to a party, and spent the night with families.

The next morning, we went to another island. You know, I’m not sure if this is interesting or sad, but on each of these islands, they have a Catholic church, and Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses. No evangelical churches.

We ate some trout and then headed back to Puno city.

Now I can’t really capture the awesomeness of this trip in a simple, brief blog post, but I’ll hope these photos will give you a glimpse.