Monday, March 7, 2011

When I talk/think about culture shock, especially in relation to my own experiences, I cannot help but think back to my first month in Peru, and our initiation into Peruvian culture with the special tradition known as Carnavales.

I still vividly remember Brandi and I walking from our host family's house to a Valentine's Day party thrown by some other missionaries. I believe it was week two in Peru, so life was still surreal and blissfully serene.

This serenity was unceremoniously interrupted when an entire bucket of water was dumped on my head.

And I remember saying, in a borderline-disgruntled tone, "I hate Peru!"

This was my most intense culture shock moment.

And this time of year is upon us once again: Carnavales.

And in Cusco, this means getting soaked...buckets of water, water balloons, water guns, any manner possible is used to get people as drenched as possible.

This past Sunday, on our way to Lamay, there were lines of people headed out to the Sacred Valley to participate in the festivities. In the lines, there were people selling aerosol cans of spray foam, also used to spray on innocent (sometimes) passersby.

Emily decided to take part in the revelry as well. These pictures will tell you the story:

This time of year isn't over yet, and tomorrow will be a big day in Coya, one of my church plant locations, so I will tell you more soon.

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