Friday, March 25, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A path lies before me
I am the only one who can see
I wonder silently
Groping along in the dark painfully
Is it just my own hesitancy?
Is it the presence of insensitivity
to the wonder of what lies before me?

There is an obvious path in front of me
But now it seems to be
that an obstacle lies in wait for me
to step out of myself, towards dependency
I think of myself as a dignitary
More special than I ought, I see
only my needs, my wants, selfishly.

A path lies before me
But I stand still, bound unmercifully
Fettered, I am, awaiting expectantly
a help, an aid to rescue me
More than ever, I want to be
moving forward toward a life lived freely
A life spent living abundantly

On the path I wait, questioning deeply
Who is it that will come and set me free?
And I believe, more importantly,
what will it require of me?
To give of myself recklessly?
A rock higher than myself there must be
on which I can stand unwaveringly

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