Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Plan of Action

It's January 9th, 2013.

And here's a confession: I am one of those people who will write the date of the previous year through about March.

Yeah, I'm really bad about the change of the year, so my journal has a lot of erase marks in the upper right corners.

But I think I am still trying to process that it is now the year TWENTY-THIRTEEN.

What? How did that happen?

2012 went by so fast.

And it ended really well.

Let me show you:

I got to go home to the United States and spent some precious time with dear friends and family. After spending my last two holiday seasons in South America, it was truly glorious.

And now it is back to South America for less than three months remaining to mobilize 40/40 missionaries for three cities in Ecuador before we move down to Chile!

I worked with my boss this week to make a plan of action for these three months:

January is all about generating new candidates and getting paperwork for them! Our goal is to visit a different church each Sunday in order to cast the Extreme vision.

February will be all about interviewing our new candidates! We are planning to hold interviews the first and last weekends of February.

And March will be about wrapping up... finishing recruiting and approving candidates, and getting them fundraised and ready to go!

It will be CRAZY busy, so we would appreciate your prayers!


I used to be all about making new year's resolutions... each January I would try and try to do better in the new year.

I haven't made any this year, or the last few years, for that matter. I have a plan of action for how to get my work done, but my life in general is open to possibilities...

I guess I want to draw nearer to God, being more filled with his Holy Spirit and overflowing with love for my neighbor. That's not something I just want at the start of a year, but every single day of my existence.

Father God, I am thankful. I thank you for the ways you have moved in my life in the last year, and I praise you for using me as your instrument in the world to bring you glory. This year, I want to love you more. I want to know you more. I want to love others recklessly, never holding back the grace you have poured into my life. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Use me, Savior. Be glorified in everything I say and do. Amen.

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