Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Last weekend, my purpose to send and support 40/40s became very real, perhaps more real than its been during the four months since I started this job.

Trevor and I travelled by bus to the town of Shell, Ecuador. It took way longer than we expected to get there, but with sore backs we got off the bus and went to the Church of the Nazarene in Shell to have dinner and fellowship with our two 40/40s from Shell, Ariel and Luis, their moms, and the pastor and his wife, Angel and Marcela.

This night was the beginning of the realness of it all sinking in for me.

I was able to sit down and talk to these two moms who are going to miss their sons so much. I was able to help abate some of their fears. I was able to communicate to them how exciting all this is. And I was able to feel their pride over what their sons are doing.

On Sunday, we visited the church that is sending these to guys out to the field, and once again, the realness hit me. This church, a fairly small church in the Ecuadorian jungle is a missionary-sending church. Wow. They are so proud of the young men they have raised up to now be sent out. They are giving of themselves financially and in prayer to send these boys out. It is a truly beautiful thing to witness!

I am so privileged to be a part of this ministry, to fulfill my role in our mission to send and support 40/40 missionaries.

Please commit with me to pray for the first four Ecuadorian 40/40s, who will be deployed on Sunday to begin the 40 Days Experience in Peru:

And as I write these words tonight, my desire is that you, too, would know the joy it is to serve the Almighty Redeemer.

I am blessed to serve.

It really isn't a sacrifice, because God is showering me with his grace and love everyday. I feel incredibly fulfilled and used in something far bigger than myself.

And I pray that you would know this peace, love, and joy that come from fulfilling your call as well.

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