Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twelve Days: Day 9

Meet Priscila!

Priscila was the first 40/40 candidate I met upon my arrival to Ecuador, and she made me feel like this job was easy! I took a ride in a truck with two Work and Witness guys along winding mountain roads, and I don't think they were very pleased when I asked them to pull over so that I could get sick on the side of the road!

But Priscila made that ride completely worth it, as we sat down and talked about her call from God. Having grown up in church, Priscila reminds me a bit of myself, the girl who has been in church since she can remember, but longs to do something more. And she is very talented, working as a freelance graphic designer, and is on the radio!

Priscila has already raised her required monthly support, but continue to pray for her until she deploys next year.

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