Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twelve days: Day 10

Meet Abigail!
The first weekend of November, we hit the road for a weekend to attend two different youth camps in the jungles of central Ecuador. This involved spare access to showers and sleeping in a bus, on a very thin mattress, and on the floor during the course of the weekend.

But because of the contacts we were able to make, it was all worth it!

Abigail is one of the 40/40s we met during the weekend. She hung out with us the whole day, her sweet spirit and fun personality drawing us in, and she shared her amazing testimony of healing:

She was extremely ill with rheumatoid arthritis, which left her unable to move or walk for months on end. Victims of this disease usually are left with severe deformities. But Abigail shares how one night, unable to sleep and unable to move, she was crying out to the Lord for relief when she felt someone enter the room. Facedown on the bed, she couldn't see who it was, but felt his presense. Then she felt two hands pressing down on her back, where the horrible pain was centered that night. Upon the release, the pain subsided, and she gave in to the fatigue. The next morning though, when she began to walk around for the first time in months, she knew the Lord had touched her. During the course of the following month, she astounded doctors with her complete healing!

Now Abigail wants to serve the Lord with her whole heart, and will be a 40/40 in the coastal city of Manta, beginning next summer.

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