Friday, April 1, 2011

Arab World in Turmoil

2011.04 - 2020 Vision Image

From an email I recently received from The WIN Network

In just three short months, the 10/40 Window has seen an unprecedented, multinational revolution.  Protests that began in Tunisia quickly swept across North Africa and the Middle East toppling governments and calling for change in a dozen countries.

Like the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, these events happened quickly.  The Arab world, seemingly stable, was suddenly thrown into chaos.

But the preparations for this time of upheaval have been in the works for quite some time.  Like a high tower with no solid foundation, many governments in the 10/40 Window are crumbling.  

Will Islam crumble with them?  Who or what will fill the leadership void?  What are we going to do to take advantage of this open door for the Gospel?

Prayer is one of the primary reasons change has come to this region.  God's people have been faithfully interceding for nations like Libya, Morocco and Syria for years.  And the Lord is responding, tearing down longstanding strongholds.

Prayer is also the key to the future of the 10/40 Window.  If we will continue steadfastly in prayer, seeking the Lord on behalf of North Africa and the Middle East, we will see a greater, more abundant harvest of souls than anyone could imagine.

Will you join us in lifting the 10/40 Window before the Lord?

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