Saturday, April 30, 2011


We have now been living in Cusco for six months.


That means that one third of our time is already gone.


But God has already moved and worked so much, not just through us, but also in each one of us. We are privileged to be here, to be called, to be used. It is a privilege. And I am thankful.

But like I said, God has been working, a ton. As of next week, we will have started services, with places to meet, in three of the nine church plant sites! This is HUGE! Our goal is to get church services going in all of the sites before we leave for vacation, which is just a month away.

This is a big prayer request for us right now. We have contacts in all of our places, and are discipling people in all nine places, we just need places to join them together to meet weekly. So pray specifically for continued growth and a place to meet in San Sebastian, Lamay; Kathy and Emily's places Santiago, Poroy, and Anta; and Alex and Eli's last place Urcos.

I want to stress again how important prayer is for this work. We are literally ineffective without prayer. So pray for us. Pray for our places. Pray for our contacts. Pray for our partnerships. Pray for our mother church. Pray for our pastor and Extreme leadership. Please pray.

In other news, I have been continuing to work in San Sebastian. For us, the people out in the country tend to be more receptive to the gospel. But people in the city, like San Sebastian, don't think they have time for church/God/the Bible. So the work has been slow.

But I am still working in the battered women's shelter, Casa de Acogida. Through this opportunity, I have now met many different women (around twelve different women who have stayed for a short period of time). I have been able to play with the kids and teach them Bible lessons, and work with the women as well, sharing about the love of God. I have also shown a movie there, Magdelena (the Jesus Film from a woman's perspective), the week before Easter. The women here have been very receptive, and take time out of their busy Saturday mornings to hear what I have come to share with them. And everytime we arrive, the kids shout, "LA GRINGITA!!!" Continue to pray for this ministry as well.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

For more information about the goings-on in the communities where we are working, visit our community blogs (see left sidebar).

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