Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twelve Days: Day 1

What is Extreme Nazarene Ministries?

The purpose of Extreme is to seek and deploy people into an Extreme global Expansion of God's kingdom by prayerfully and thoughtfully engaging the specific talents, skills, experience and resources God gave them and to further develop them into full-time constructors of the Kingdom.

Extreme began in 2005 in the Ukraine with just one long-term staff person and 113 short-term volunteers. Projects have taken place over the last seven years in Ukraine, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay.

The newest project of Extreme is called "Extreme South America," a five-year project during which we will plant 16 churches in urban cities of South America, in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and more, using the 40/40 model and the Master's Plan strategy.

The two goals of the project are to:
1) Plant self-funded, self-replicating and self-governing churches
2) Develop 40/40™ Missionaries for Judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth

Join us in prayer for Extreme and this huge vision God has given us!

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