Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twelve Days: Day 3

The Cercado Team

Arequipa, Peru is a city close to my heart, since I lived there for nine months during my time of 40/40 training. It is a beautiful city of about one million people, considered to be "The Land of Eternal Spring."

But Arequipa is a tough city to do ministry in, since it is located in the Andes mountains where people are generally not very receptive to the gospel.

But my friends in one of the very first church plants of XSA are planting a church in the urban center of Arequipa, the district known as Cercado.

Please pray for the members of this team:
Chris and Anndee Stringer and their daughters, Cluster Coordinators
40/40s Sheena Green, Brenda Portocarrera, Jessica Strickland, Kelsey Halterman, Mike Wheatley, Heyner Rustafo, Ray Bezjak, Sammy Martinez, Megan Schimmer, and Elisabeth Nuñez.

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