Monday, December 31, 2012

Twelve Days: Day 7

Meet Ariel and Luis!

Since I don't have separate pictures of these guys, I would like to introduce you to them together.

They are both from the small high-jungle town of Shell. When Ariel shares about his call to missions, he shares the story of Nate Saint, whose story you might be familiar with from the move End of the Spear. Those five missionaries were based out of the town of Shell as they ministered to the Waodani indigenous people, who ultimately killed them.

One of Ariel's strengths is charisma (or Woo, as it is called in English in the Gallup StrengthsFinder themes), and it is very notable from the first time you start talking to him. He is charismatic, confidant, and friendly, and so passionate for the Lord.

Ariel and Luis have both worked in indigenous villages to plant churches. When Luis shares of this experience, his flexibility in all circumstances comes through when he speaks of eating bugs and sleeping on the ground when necessary. Luis is so laid back, and loves people so much that he wants to take the gospel to them.

Pray for Ariel and Luis as they continue to raise funds in order to be deployed in January with the Ambato team.

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