Thursday, September 23, 2010

Avoiding Museums

So another 40/40 from Arequipa, Vanessa, found a really great video about church planting.

I want to remember this: I am not a church planter who wants to make museums; I want to start a movement that goes and goes and raises high the name of Jesus Christ. I am called to church planting my whole life--to start the church where the name of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed before, even if they don't look like the churches we are used to.

As a matter of fact, I hope that the churches that God uses me to start look a little different, and that they have a different focus.

That they care way more about going out into the harvest field than filling up seats inside a building.

That's how movements happen.

Our job in not to go out to the people and just to bring them into the church to sit and listen. Our job is to get the professional Christians out of their seats to go to where the people are, and make disciples.

And then the coolest part: we teach them to make disciples.

So then, we make disciples that make disciples. And they do the same thing.

That's how movements happen.

At our cell groups, we always try to have an empty chair for someone who isn't there but God wants to bring to the cell group. And then we pray for that person, whoever that may be. Then our focus is always on growing.

But it's NOT about the numbers. It's about bringing glory to God. It's about making disciples of every single people group in the world. It's about introducing our family members and neighbors and friends to our BEST FRIEND.

That's how movements happen.

Because evangelism is the job of every single Christian, not just the one's who carry the title "missionary." Think about it, if you knew Brad Pitt personally, and thought he was pretty cool and were proud to call him a friend, would't you want to introduce him to all your friends and family?

Guess what? Jesus Christ is WAY COOLER than Brad Pitt!

So if we really believed that...

that's how movements happen.

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  1. Do you think that Brad Pitt is as good looking as Jesus? or the other way around?