Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going and Going and Going

This weekend I am at a spiritual retreat. This is the third one we have had for new believers since Love Extreme in June, and I am the only 40/40 who has gone to all of them.

But what is really exciting this time around is that, do you all remember Sonia? Do you remember her mom and sister who accepted Christ in the market? Well Viviana and Miriam and her dad are here learning about Christ, and he is changing their hearts!

That is why I always say that it is a movement! Because Ester and I have plans to have a cell group in their house. And Sonia and Miriam have a million siblings. And they will invite their neighbors and friends. And God will touch the hearts of many and there will be a church in their house in Campo Marte. And the people sitting in this retreat at this moment will be the future pastors and leaders of the church here in Arequipa. And they could go on to plant ten more churches.

And it never stops.

So keep this family and future church in your prayer, please!

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